App Development

Bespoke modern web applications designed from scratch that provide a seamless solution to most paper based operations.

Data Capture, Supercharged.

We believe in a paperless world. By using the latest in cloud computing we create tailor made browser based applications that make this dream a reality. Our applications are designed to collect, store, process and manage large and complex sets of data which when tied with state of the art machine learning AI, produces a powerful tool that is revolutionising business.

Visually Stunning

Rouic’s software generally takes it’s styling from Material Design – a Google made set of design instructions that produces an easy to navigate, easy to understand, familiar layout that even the most inexperienced user can get the hang of.


Cross Device

Long gone are the days of proprietary applications that require a certain device or OS to run. Rouic specialises in browser based “web-applications” which can be accessed from virtually any device with an internet connection!

Continual Updates

Throughout the course of it’s life, we provide continual rolling updates in the form of silent patches. These are behind the scenes updates and are pushed regularly to ensure security is kept tight and bugs are kept to a minimum. Most of our software is also being continually developed to increase performance, add new features and improve device compatibility.

Multi Device

Whilst we’re open to creating iPhone and Android counterparts to our popular browser applications, we generally ensure our flagship applications are completly cross device compatible and work without fault on iPhones to iPads, Macbooks to PCs.