Cloud Hosting

We host data from the smallest websites, all the way up to global distributed cloud based applications. Let us help you decide your hosting requirements.

The cloud

For large websites inundated with traffic, traditional hosting methods are long a thing of the past. By using the power of distributed cloud computing, any website or application can be scaled up with a cost effective secure solution, allowing for future growth without the hassle of migrating data.

Infinitely Scaleable

Cloud based servers come into their own when it comes to scalability. At the touch of a button (or automatically on demand) your particular website or application can be scaled & balanced out to support millions of concurrent connections from every corner of the globe. Similarly, it can be scaled back down when not in use to conserve the cost.

Next Level Technology

Hosting within the cloud has a variety of key benefits over conventional hosting, which can ultimately help your application or website withstand potential downtime in the future. As the hardware of cloud based servers is generally virtual, you can almost guarantee no downtime as servers can be migrated between physical locations whilst still running! With the added benefits such as access to unlimited bucket storage and un-matched speed of delivery, it’s the must have thing for any growing application or business.

Rouic’s hosting options.

Whilst we offer dedicated and unmanaged hosting from our network of global content servers, we also offer standalone hosting for a variety of services;

  • Email Hosting

    We offer email hosting allowing you to provide email addresses and unlimited mail-boxes for as many users as needed under a standard flat fee. You’ll acquire complete control over your users’ mailbox settings, a dedicated IP and a set of anti-spam tools to ensure things run smoothly.

    We’re also happy to assist migrating from existing panels such as cPanel or Plesk.

  • Web Hosting

    Using either our high powered, scaleable and 99.9% uptime Google cloud servers or our global fleet of dedicated servers – we’re able to host websites and applications of any size.

    With a variety of one click solutions you’ll have access to an unlimited “unlocked” Plesk panel which gives you complete control over your DNS, Domains, Websites and users + much, much more!

    (We’re also happy to manage this bit for you if you want!)

  • App Hosting

    With advanced knowledge around AWS and Google Cloud, we’re happy to partner up and provide assistance with application hosting of any size, variety and flavour.

  • File Access

    If you need to store mass amounts of data in a secure, safe, robust and scaleable way – storing them on a cloud based network share is the way to go.

    We’re happy to setup and deploy a variety of network drive solutions and can provide access to a scaleable and flexible worldwide Samba share in seconds, or even the whole Windows Server VM if needed.