Hi, We’re Rouic.

We’re a young startup who believe in a paperless world where technology can help everyone to achieve more.

We craft bespoke solutions.

Rouic establishes forward thinking IT centred solutions that use the latest technologies available to further boost your business potential. We like to believe in a paperless world where technology can take the forefront and power society.

Modern technologies we’re exploring.

We explore the forefront of technology to add advanced, modern features. We’re currently working with Machine Learning to mine data to the next level.

Natural Language

We use natural language AI to explore features in rich text sources. This allows arbitrary text data to be converted to meaningful key words, sentiment and other interesting data sets.

Web Sockets

Our software primarily utilises a new form of communication called web sockets. These allow for continual communication prompting real time applications with “live” features and no load times.

Cloud Computing

With access through industry leaders in cloud computing we offer entirely cloud based services which provide global features such as continual backups, low latency and access to brand new technologies such as predictive models.

Our Core Services

We provide an array of services that can be combined to create an all in one solution.