IT Consultancy

Rouic provides a wide range of consulting options for those who want professional assistance with their IT solutions. After assessing the situation we’re able to offer our very best opinion and expertise on any situation or idea.

Knowledge is Power

We’re continually looking out and researching the latest in IT, which is the core of our work at Rouic. As such, we’re able to provide your business with the power to create new and enhanced IT solutions that push the envelope even further. As a completely IT focused company, we know exactly what tools and steps you will need to take to become the most productive and efficient your company can be.

Hardware Support

It doesn’t just stop at the software level either, we’re competent with most hardware including deploying on-site networks, NAS arrays, information screens, PC’s within a work domain and much more.

Constant Support

The support we offer will grow and change as your business matures. We’re here continuously whether it be through our live chat, over the phone or on-site allowing you to have peace of mind should something go wrong. Our support adapts around you, so you always know you’re getting the best service you need for your business regardless of unexpected changes within your company.