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A complete solution for modern care providers looking to manage supported individuals with the power of cloud technologies.

What is Carerealm?

Carerealm is a new entirely cloud powered SAAS (Software As A Service) designed specifically for care providers. By working together with some of the best services in the UK we’ve created a complete solution for modern care providers looking to manage supported individuals with the power of cloud technologies, machine learning and modern design.

At the core of Carerealm lies an ever-changing set of familiar tools that let you capture, upload, download and manage data related to a specific individual you support. Control access to who sees what with permissions and monitor the results from anywhere in the world!

Powered with Machine Learning.

Under the hood of Carerealm lies brand new machine learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) that sifts through added data and reveals new information about those you support. This exciting technology has endless opportunity and has already begun exploring data and making connections to weather, mood, support staff and more!

Carerealm utilises machine learning provided by Google’s Cloud services and incorporates natural language, prediction models and big query. By collecting and processing mass amounts of data about one particular person their whole life can be revealed and looked into, allowing you to provide more effective support!

Security through Technology.

We take security very, very seriously. We understand the sensitive information that passes through Carerealm, and as such we’ve built it from the ground up using researched modern technologies that are protected. By using secure web-sockets and hosting direct in the cloud with Google, not only can we provide real-time updates, live chats and more modern features but we can provide them in a safe and secure environment.

Permissions within Carerealm allow you to carefully configure and ensure only the information you want to be shown to someone is seen in the first place. Please note our data is only stored within the EU to keep within CQC guidelines.

Get In Touch.

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