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From paper to cloud.

Rouic specialises in web applications. These are centred around the idea of capturing, storing, processing and presenting mass amounts of data that becomes available securely from any device, anywhere on the planet. If you’re currently using paper to store company critical information then it’s time to take the logical next step to modernise your business!

Introducing Carerealm.

Rouic’s new flagship cloud powered SAAS (Software As A Service) designed specifically for care providers.

A complete solution for modern care providers looking to manage supported individuals with the power of cloud technologies, machine learning and modern design.

We make use of an array of new technologies to give our products and services the edge against competition.

  • Machine Learning

    Where we can, we build our products and services using powerful machine learning. This opens up the door for better understanding of data.

  • On the Cloud

    Cloud computing allows our services to be always accessible and available. With distributed worldwide network of scaling virtual machines, it’s easy to work with any demanding load.

  • Awesome Packages

    We love using awesome javascript libraries such as Angular to ensure compatibility, speed and modern features are available to most devices whilst getting great performance. Because we work in the web we aren’t locked to a specific platform and provide updates on the fly to consistently maintain new features and quickly provide any necessary changes.

  • Modern Design

    We like to make use of modern design styles such as Google’s Material Design to make our software seem familiar yet modern.

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