We power modern business with the power of cloud technologies.

In a nutshell, we provide a bespoke set of IT solutions, each carefully crafted to suit your individual needs whilst utilising the very best in cloud technologies.


Services that make up Rouic.

Whether you’re a startup or a fully established business, we provide a complete set of cloud focused tools that will enable you to be at the cutting edge of technology. Use individually or combine our services to fill the gaps in your company’s IT infrastructure.

Core App Development

Bespoke modern web applications designed from scratch that provide a seamless solution to most paper based operations.

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SEO & Marketing

We provide marketing and Search Engine Optimisation to boost your online presence and gain more customer awareness with better search rankings.

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Modern Web Design

Together with our other services, we offer a contemporary web-design package, containing all the features you’d expect a modern website to have as standard.

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Cloud Hosting

We provide a variety of hosting solutions including email mailboxes, cloud based servers as well as storage options, for worldwide file access.

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IT Consultancy

After evaluating your company’s current IT situation, we can help guide and support your company to get the most out of the new technologies available.

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Graphic Design

Our graphic design services give you unlimited access to our design team who can create both digital and print media to suit any occasion.

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We create solutions to problems, and want to work with you to achieve them.

We believe in a paperless world where technology exists to power our lives. Rouic’s mission is to continually work alongside your company in a completely bespoke manner to provide assistance extending to all corners of IT.

From paper to cloud.

Rouic specialises in web applications. These are centred around the idea of capturing, storing, processing and presenting mass amounts of data that becomes available securely from any device, anywhere on the planet. If you’re currently using paper to store company critical information then it’s time to take the logical next step to modernise your business!

Introducing Carerealm.

Rouic’s new flagship cloud powered SAAS (Software As A Service) designed specifically for care providers.

A complete solution for modern care providers looking to manage supported individuals with the power of cloud technologies, machine learning and modern design.

Digital design that powers identities.

Rouic offers modern & clean design options that allow your business to gain a unique identity by using continuous design.

Brand continuity.

We offer a range of design solutions that follow a consistent path allowing your company’s unique brand to express itself automatically throughout both digital and print media.

Your ideas. Our imagination.

We enjoy working directly alongside our clients to create what should be considered the perfect solution. We have a complete obligation to ensure you’re happy with the end result!

Future technologies, applied today.

We make use of an array of new, developing and complex technologies to give our products and services the edge against competition.

  • Machine Learning

    We build our products and services using powerful machine learning where possible. Not only does this allow for additional data to be collected from arbitrary sources but allows for huge future potential when coupled with large amounts of data. We’re not only storing text but understanding the way it was written and the human behind it!

    What’s more, with predictive AI’s on the rise we want to ensure your business has the edge on your competitors when it comes to working with existing data sets.

  • Sockets

    We like to build our products on top of a special type of communication called sockets. These remove the need for typical page reloads in the web and provide a seamless way for real time communication.

    With this in place, we can easily build advanced applications that contain live features such as chat apps and video conferences.

  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing allows our services to be accessible and reliable throughout the planet. With a distributed worldwide network of auto scaling virtual machines, modern infrastructure and append only bucket storage we provide an effortless and affordable way for backing up and serving data to anyone with an internet connection with a variety of distribution methods.

  • Angular

    Our front end applications make use of a MVC (Model, View, Controller) framework called Angular to ensure compatibility, speed and modern features are available to most devices. Because we work in the web we aren’t locked to a specific platform and provide updates on the fly consistently to maintain new features and quickly provide fixes to problems.

  • Material Design

    We try to make use of modern design concepts such as Material Design. This is a design language developed in 2014 by Google that makes more liberal use of grid-based layouts, responsive animations and transitions, padding, and depth effects such as lighting and shadows.

This might be the bottom, but it doesn’t stop here!

Read on or get in touch today to find out how we can create the best solution to suit your needs.